Monday, August 31, 2009

Why does he have to torture me?

Okay, so kid 1 is in soccer. His first time ever playing. Now do you want to know why he is playing soccer? It's not that he likes it, no, he actually doesn't care for it. He is playing just to spite and me. You see kid 1 is 5 ft 135 lbs. But he doesn't look like it. He is just a heavy thick kid. He doesn't jiggle he is just HEAVY!! Ever since he was little he looked like a thin kid but it was nearly impossible to pick this kid up. He looked buff at 6 yrs old, yes his chest was cut. It was ridiculous. Anyways he's 13 and will be 14 in a month and is in that I know it all phase. We told him he should play football because he is built for it. He threw a fit and said he hated football blah blah blah. So I told him he needed to pick a sport and play because he had become a little hermit locking himself up in his room and only coming out to eat. I told him I didn't even care if it was golf. Well Mr man hates soccer and makes fun of all his half siblings for being such fans of the sport. So when kid 1 realized that i was serious about him choosing a sport he goes I want to play soccer with this devilish smirk on his face. I said okay fine if that's what you want. That very same weekend happened to be the sign-ups. So guess who got signed up. Hah hah hah (now I have my devilish smirk on my face). Kid 1 was shocked to find out he was going to play soccer but here we both are playing chicken with each other. He knows he's torturing me by my having to attend his practices with him. I on the other hand can and do let out my chuckles watching him run laps. We are both bad. I will see this season thru though. I am not going to let him win. Maybe next week I'll just drop him off and pick him up after practice. Hee hee hee.

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