Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mr.Man's home

Well Mr.Man's flight was supposed to arrive at 9:00pm sharp. However they landed only 10 minutes late. And had let me know of this before hand so I left 10 minutes later than I originally planned to. When I drove by the loading and unloading I expected him to already be out there waiting for me and ready to just throw his bags in the trunk, jump in my car and we could take off. I had timed it all right but what I didn't factor in was that it would take the airline over 35 minutes to unload the baggage. I had to make laps around the airport each time hoping that this time I'd see him there with his luggage. He had already put his carry-on in my trunk the first time I came around. I finally gave up and just paid for parking. I was wasting fuel and figured parking would be cheaper. Finally after what felt like forever called me to pick him up. I drove by and there was no where for me to pull over and the dumb rent a cop like airport cop told me to keep moving. I told you follow me and you catch up to me because I am not coming around again. Funny sight seeing him run after me with his bags but he could have made it easier for both of us had he just driven himself to the airport in the first place. Oh well.

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