Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Yesterday was okay

Well as I had mentioned before we went to out to Rancho so and kid 2 could get in some last minute shopping before they head out to their deep sea fishing trip. We went in my car and I dropped those two off and the rest of us went on to Victoria G. to do some browsing and hopefully some good shopping. We wandered the streets going store to store. I found quite a few things as I came home with 6 skirts, 7 tops, 8 dresses, 8 pair of shoes, a gold cuff,several belts and a few other things. The boys also found plenty of new items. When we went to pick and kid 2 up from pro bass shop I saw them walking towards my car with their arms full as well. Now I regretted coming in my vehicle. We had to move a few thing around and the boys had to put some bags on their laps the whole way home. Fortunately the poles break down in half so we were able to put those in the trunk.

We had wanted to go out to dinner, but we decided to just head home drop everything off then eat at a local steakhouse instead.

I guess we all went a little overboard : )

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