Monday, August 3, 2009

Hmm.. Even I am bored.

Lets see, what did I do today?
Squishy again wanted to go to the thrift stores so being a good mom I took him there. He also wanted to go to the antique stores. Being that there was nothing else scheduled to do I took him to all of them in town including the antique mall. He found a beanie baby that he desperately wanted so I caved in and purchased it for him. On the way home kid 2 called and and said he was hungry and was it okay for him to make himself some lunch. I don't like him cooking when I am not home so I told him no. The Mcdonalds is on the way home so I picked up lunch there for the boys. Squishy came home with five new teenie beanies. He has a total of 24 now. He only needs 6 more to complete the set. I had told him he wouldn't be getting all 30 and somehow with those big goo goo eyes of his he has gotten me to buy him 24. Geesh I am a sucker for those big bug eyes.

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