Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ow, Ow, Ow.......

Well right now I am on the couch in pain. I ache everywhere. Every muscle, every bone, every part of me. However, my yard looks nice again.

We had let our yard go. All of us too damn lazy to pull a weed. They got really strict with water usage here and Mr.Man cut the watering schedule back too much and all our plants died (but of course not the weeds. Somehow they thrive and survive.). Our back yard is full of dead grass now.

So we reset the watering and today I decided it was time to get to work. I had to make three trips to the nursery to pick plants up. Kid 2 was the only one to really help me. Squishy pretended to help. Often mysteriously disappearing. Kid 1 decided he would rather clean the house than step foot outside. So I put him to work indoors.

We began our work around 10 AM and we walked indoors at 8:40pm. Our only breaks were when we went to the nursery and we took a one hour break at 3pm. But our front yard is finished and looks beautiful! Hopefully it stays that way.

Off to take a bath I go.

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