Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Not what I had planned

Today I had planned to go out and have some fun shopping. However I had forgotten that The repair man was scheduled to come today to look at my evil Cabrio washer. I hate this washer. I miss my old washer. Mr. Man says we have to deal with it. I had wanted this washer so bad when it came out that we got rid of our other set that was only a few months old to get these. So Mr. man won't let me buy a new set. Ugh.

Well like always they give you a four hour window. So I had to stick around all morning. They then call to say they are running late and they give me a new four hour time frame. So my whole day was ruined. Mr man and kid 2 went fishing just as they had planned. I don't expect them home until really late since they don't leave until it gets dark.

Oh well.

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