Thursday, June 25, 2009

Finally some shopping.

Well this morning I finally decided to go out shopping. I have been dying to do so for a while. Call it shoppers withdrawal. Well, after I finished getting ready in a lovely Express pencil skirt with a beautiful emerald green satin top and BeBe Amaya heels, I heard on the morning news that Farrah had lost her fight with cancer. That's sad. I have lost many close ones to that awful disease.

I got my shopping fix as I came home with five new dresses and a bit of jewelery. Yay. I think tommorrow I will do some more. Anyways while shopping I overheard a conversation where they said that Micheal Jackson had also passed. Wow. I kind of expected it. I am hooked on TMZ and they kept showing him visiting a dr's office.

Once home I put my goodies away. I then had to go back out to go to Costco. I hate going there because they don't have one near my house. I have to go quite some distance to get to one. I made my purchases then headed home again. Once everything had been put away it was now time to make dinner.

Dinner came out yummy and now it's time to get ready for bed.

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